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Take the guesswork out of recruitment and promotion decisions by using Predictive Index™

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The Predictive Index™ is an efficient and effective human analytics system that pinpoints the right candidate for the job and simplifies your hiring and placement process.

The Predictive Index™ is an advanced management and recruitment tool that is simple, quick to learn and easy to apply.

The Predictive Index™ is scientifically proven as a valid tool that can predict work-related behaviour in a very reliable fashion, with tremendously accurate results.


Humanostics Approved Partner - a management consulting company assisting organisations create measurable results

Puncak Jupiter are proud to be an official Approved Partner of Humanostics / Predictive Index™ in Malaysia.

Wouldn't it be great if your workforce just clicked?

What is The Predictive Index™?

Learn how to hire good fits, unlock the power of your people, and supercharge your workforce using The Predictive Index's methodology.


Why behavioural assessments?

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ is the most effective, simple, and easy to use science-based assessment tool that provides an accurate depiction, or pattern, of your core drives, and therefore insight into your needs and behaviours.

The Predictive Index™ behavioural assessment is a science-based assessment that provides managers with accurate, actionable data quantifying the unique motivating needs and behavioural drives of each employee and potential employee.


How Predictive Index™ works?

Watch this short video to see how using the predictive index™ can change your world.


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About Yim Choong Chow

Yim Choong Chow is a certified performance coach, strategy consultant, author and a sought after trainer in Asia.

With over 35 years of senior management experience as a practioner and a consultant he helps organisations and individuals to succeed.

Prior to establishing Puncak Jupiter in 2001, Yim worked for a major global shipping company where he held, interalia, the position of Managing Director. In his 30 years of corporate life, Yim has worked in Denmark, Singapore and Malaysia.

His hobbies include martial art, gardening, trekking and writing. Yim holds a third degree black belt in Karate, has trekked to the Everest Base Camp and is the author of 7 books.

Yim Choong Chow is also an official Approved Partner of Humanostics / Predictive Index™ in Malaysia.

Humanostics Approved Partner - a management consulting company assisting organisations create measurable results


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About Marilyn Yim Sivaseelan

Marilyn Yim Sivaseelan is a facilitator and coach who believes in helping leaders excel in their personal growth and development in a constantly-evolving business environment.

She is deeply passionate about developing effective communications, strong teams and the required coaching and leadership practices to achieve real and lasting business results.

With over 20 years corporate managerial experience within global luxury brands, she has facilitated strategic management retreats; produced comprehensive learning videos; developed unique training methodologies, as well as performed in-house training in many parts of the world.

Marilyn is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy™, Life Orientations (LIFO® Method) and Predictive Index™.

She continuously strives to help individuals unlock the pathways to success and achieving their own dreams.


portrait of Marilyn Yim Sivaseelan