Advanced Negotiation Techniques

Duration: 2 days

Program Outline

Whenever two parties do business or interact with one another, the likelihood is that they bring to the relationship differences in viewpoints that must be reconciled. They may hold dissimilar values or goals. They may bring to the relationship differing talents and means which serve to determine the balance of power and the influence each will exert on the other.

Even if their values, goals, means and talents coincide, they may still disagree on the best method to achieved what both desire. All these differences represent areas of legitimate conflict which must be settled if these two parties are to get along with a measure of mutual satisfaction.

Negotiation is the process that brings these diverse viewpoints together.

We all negotiate whether we call it that or not, whether we like it or not. Negotiation is the game of life. Those who can negotiate well fare better in life as well as in business.


After attending this program, you will be able to...

  • Understand & describe the dynamics of the negotiating game.
  • Inculcate & internalize the traits of successful negotiators.
  • Effectively apply the two styles & two modes of negotiating
  • Competently demonstrate & apply the 5 Step methodology
  • Understand & describe the sources of power & effectively use power when negotiating
  • Recognize, use & counter common negotiating tactics & gambits
  • Formulate strategies to handle stalemate, impasse & deadlock
  • Upgrade essential skills & be equipped with the tools required to improve this competency
  • For SELLERS – gain insights into how BUYERS buy and thereby become more effective when negotiating with them.
  • For BUYERS – gain insights on how SELLERS sell and thereby become more effective when negotiating with them.
  • For EVERYONE – ENJOY negotiating and start getting better deals through the adoption of a systematic and repeatable process of negotiating.

Workshop Contents

Understanding the Negotiation Game

What does negotiation really mean in the context of business? It is the process of getting better deals. This segment helps the participants to understand and adopt the mindset of constantly striving to, not only get a deal, but to get the best deal possible.

2 Modes – 2 Styles

Negotiators concurrently engaged in two modes when negotiating – organizational mode and personal mode. Participants will learn to differentiate the issues at stake and how to deal with them. The two styles of negotiating will be explored to enable the participants to develop the flexibility in choosing the appropriate style to use. Participants will also learn to focus on the EQ issues, which often is the key to success.

Preparing to Get a Better Deal

Everyone understands that preparation is essential. Time and work pressures however, often preclude the ‘luxury’ of extensive prep work. This segment pinpoints the 8 most essential things every negotiator must prepare in order to win.

Opening the Negotiation

How a negotiator opens the negotiating meeting and how he/she manages this phase will often dictate the eventual outcome. Many opportunities are lost when the opening phase, which is often tensed, is mishandled. Participants will learn how to present opening demands and handle customer’s demands assertively and professionally.

Identifying Tradable Variables

Proposing in negotiation is largely about the ability identify and open up variables for trading – what they want versus what we want – more of/less of. Participants will learn how to discern between the cost and value of various variables and using them, learn how to propose, counter propose and respond to proposals made by the other side.

The Art of Bargaining

Using a 'take then give' approach, participants will learn how to maximize satisfaction and value for both parties. They will learn how to trade concessions prudently, to always strive to get the best deal possible - without conceding easily and without leaving money on the table.

Closing the Negotiation

When an agreement is in sight, a skillful negotiator seizes the opportunity to close and end the negotiating process. This segment will equip the participants with techniques on how to end and close the negotiation smoothly.

Tactics & Counter Tactics

Tactics are used to get what negotiators want at every phase of the game. Participants will learn how to identify, counter and apply tactics which are widely used in the industry.

Case Study / Role Play

The highlight & grand finale of the workshop in which participants put to work and practice what they have learnt.


We use competency based learning models and deploy a myriad of accelerated adult learning methods in our delivery including:

  • Group discussions
  • Skill-drills
  • Internalization exercises
  • Experiential games
  • Video Role Plays
  • Case studies drawn from the learners business context
  • Team-based application projects

We enable the participants to be totally immersed in the program and learn from the inside-out.

By the end of the intervention, the participants would be willing, able and ready for a change in thinking, feeling and actions.

About The Trainer: Yim Choong Chow

  • 40 years corporate experience in Asia & Europe
  • Last position: Managing Director of International Shipping Co in Singapore with annual turnover of US$500 milion
  • Training, facilitating, coaching & consulting since 2001
Professional Qualifications
  • Certified Performance Coach
  • Official Approved Partner of Humanostics / The Predictive Index
  • ACE of Sales
  • HRDF Approved Trainer
  • Consultant – Singapore National Productivity Board
  • Author of seven (7) books