Creative Decision Effective Solution

Duration: 2 days

Program Outline

The goal of every organization should be to improve its ability to solve problems and the quality of its decisions. Achievement of this goal is its own reward. Imagine how a company's bottom line would improve if decisions improve by as little as 25%.

One out of four costly mistakes – in filling positions, in pricing products, in deal making, in strategy formulation – would be eliminated and replaced by a smart choice that improved effectiveness or made the enterprise more competitive. Employee energy, often wasted by poor decisions, would be directed toward activities that really create value.

Bad decisions & poor solutions by executives can never be eliminated totally because we live in an uncertain world, but replacing some of them with good ones can make a huge difference in the fortunes of a business, its owners and, not least, the decision maker.

Indeed, an investment in problem solving and decision making skills may have a higher return than almost anything else a company can do, and for a simple reason: improved decision making & problem solving generally costs very little but creates enormous value.

Fortunately, better decisions at all levels are possible when companies:

  • Adopt a rational decision making & problem solving process
  • Train personnel in that process and in the use of the tools for decision making and problem solving
  • Improve employee understanding and implementation of the process through repeated use

Creative Decision Effective Solution workshop is designed to help the participants achieve all these and more.


After attending this program, you will be able to...

Problem solving & decision-making techniques, processes and tools can be learnt, and must be learnt, to improve decision-making and importantly, the quality of decisions & the effectiveness of solutions. Whether decisions are straightforward or complex, a methodical and systematic approach will lead to greater certainty & success.

This interactive and intensive workshop will equip executives and managers with essential mindset & skill-set to enable them to solve problems and make decisions more systematically & effectively.

Participants will learn the step-by-step process of problem solving & decision making. Each learning step will be fortified and equipped with critical thinking tools, useful techniques and applicable methodologies which participants can use and apply right away in the workplace.

At the end of the program, the participants will gain by being able to…

  • Define the key concepts associated with creative problem solving & decision making.
  • Apply the steps involved in the process of decision making & problem solving.
  • Use and apply a variety of essential critical thinking tools & techniques for the various phases of problem solving & decision making.
  • Spot organizational and personal traps and overcome them.
  • Deal with uncertainties and mitigate risks.
  • Become more logical, structured and disciplined in problem solving and decision making and thereby make better decisions.

Workshop Contents

Problem Solving & Decision Making – The Big Picture

  • Challenges to problem solving & decision making
  • The 5 Step Synergistic Problem Solving & Decision Making Process

The context for Success – Setting The Stage

  • Why context is important for good decision
  • The characteristics of a decision-friendly context
  • The 3 Elements Of Context For Success
  • The Advocacy Problem

The Framing Challenge – What is The Real Problem?

  • Frames as mental windows on reality
  • How to avoid mis-framing a problem or decision
  • Critical Thinking Tools/Techniques for framing:-
    • PESTEL Analysis
    • The 6 Thinking Hats
    • The 5Ws & 5 Whys
    • The Fish Bone or Ishikawa Chart

Generate Alternatives – The Source of Superior Solutions

  • Why good problem solving & decision making depend on alternative choices
  • The characteristics of good alternatives
  • Managing creative conflict in groups
  • Critical Thinking Tools/Techniques Methods for generating alternatives:-
    • Brainstorming
    • Mind mapping
    • The CARE Matrix

Evaluate Alternatives – Find the Value of Each Option

  • Variables to consider in evaluating alternatives
  • Critical Thinking Tools/Techniques for evaluation of alternatives:-
    • NPV & Payback
    • The prioritization matrix
    • Trade-off
    • ICI Model
    • Decision tree

Choose the Best Alternatives – Make the Decision

  • Three techniques for moving a group toward a decision
  • The dangers of making a decision too early – or too late
  • Tips for promoting a fair process
  • Critical Thinking Tools/Techniques to help choose the best alternative:-
    • The Gain-Pain Matrix
    • Catch ball methodology
    • Point-counterpoint technique
    • Decision Filters

The Uncertainty Problem – How to Deal with Unknowns

  • A three step process for dealing with decision uncertainty
  • Business tactics for dealing with uncertainty
  • Planning for contingencies
  • How & when to follow your intuition
  • Critical Thinking Tools/Techniques to deal with uncertainties:-
    • Potential Problem Analysis
    • Impact Analysis

Human & Organizational Traps – How to Counter Tendencies That Can Ambush You

  • How to avoid the anchoring trap
  • How to keep overconfidence from leading you to a bad decision
  • Avoiding bias of confirming evidence
  • How to avoid making a false analogy
  • The impact of social influence on decision makers
  • Group think & how to combat it
  • The problem of excessive optimism

Conclusion - The Road Less Traveled


We use competency based learning models and deploy a myriad of accelerated adult learning methods in our delivery including:

  • Group discussions
  • Skill-drills
  • Internalization exercises
  • Experiential games
  • Video Role Plays
  • Case studies drawn from the learners business context
  • Team-based application projects

We enable the participants to be totally immersed in the program and learn from the inside-out.

By the end of the intervention, the participants would be willing, able and ready for a change in thinking, feeling and actions.

About The Trainer: Yim Choong Chow

  • 40 years corporate experience in Asia & Europe
  • Last position: Managing Director of International Shipping Co in Singapore with annual turnover of US$500 milion
  • Training, facilitating, coaching & consulting since 2001
Professional Qualifications
  • Certified Performance Coach
  • Official Approved Partner of Humanostics / The Predictive Index
  • ACE of Sales
  • HRDF Approved Trainer
  • Consultant – Singapore National Productivity Board
  • Author of seven (7) books