One-on-One Coaching for Managers

Duration: 6 to 12 months, with up to 2 sessions/month. In-between session support by email or phone.

Program Outline

This unique One-on-One Coaching program is designed for senior & middle managers and high potential executives. The objectives are to develop, enhance, accentuate and reinforce the commitment and capabilities in order to maximize their contribution to the company as well as to achieve greater happiness and success for themselves.

The success of the One-on-One Coaching program is premised on the pre-supposition that the Coachee is willing to be coached and is committed to making serious efforts to improve. Coaching meetings are not whining, complaining and excuses making sessions and the Coachee is fully expected and indeed will be held accountable for what he/she has agreed to do/expected to do.

Effective coaching leverages on the power of focused development and Coachees often feel as though they are achieving more with what often feels like less effort.


Past Coachees have reported a wide variety of benefits. Some experienced positive incremental changes whilst others have gained lasting quantum change. Whilst the program will yield positive results, the outcome will vary from coachee to coachee depending on how much he/she puts in.

The role of the coach is to help the Coachee learn. However, it will be up to him/her to learn or not learn. As the old adage goes, "One can lead a cow to the water, but it will be up to the cow to drink or not to drink".

Changes/benefits experienced by past Coachees include:

  • Personal mastery of emotion
  • Improvement in relationships with others
  • Displaying more resourceful and effective leadership behaviors
  • Broader leadership perspectives on critical organizational issues
  • Stretching the comfort zone
  • Better at listening and asking tough questions in a soft way
  • Enhanced communication and sensitivities towards others
  • Ability to find balance in work-and-life priorities
  • Increase in personal motivation
  • Identify and develop unrealized leadership potential
  • Increase in self confidence and acceptance of others
  • Develop new perspectives with breakthrough thinking

Workshop Contents

Coachees/clients often have their own coaching agenda. Once agreed, Coachees are held accountable for the progress. The primary roles of the coach are to support, help and gently nudge the Coachees to:

  • Achieve what is important to him/her
  • Align his/her priority to those of the company
  • Re-focus and gain clarity on the issues
  • Discover, devise and implement his/her own development plan

The process involves:

  • The establishment of a coaching agreement between the Coach and the Coachee in which boundaries and areas of engagements are defined. On the target areas for coaching, other stakeholders (superior, peers, subordinates, HR) inputs are sought in the form of 360 degree feedback where required/preferred. Otherwise the agenda for coverage is a confidential agreement between the Coachee and the Coach.
  • Coachee and Coach meet one-on-one as agreed, usually at one month interval for 90-120 minutes to systematically go through the target areas for intervention. The meeting is usually forward looking and goal driven and does not dwell too much on the past.

The coaching process is conducted in a conducive, willing, threat free and confidential environment. The Coachee as well as the Coach must feel that the coaching relationship is producing the desired outcome/value. If this is not so, either party may terminate the Coaching assignment by giving two weeks notice without any penalty on both sides.


The Coach and Coachee meet face to face at agreed interval during which a variety of tools and approaches are used to help the Coachee to discover and develop his/her very best self; to make the greatest contribution with the highest satisfaction.

The process helps the Coachees to understand and discover their strengths and how to best use them to accomplish more.

Effective coaching does not make you into something you are not. It helps you become more of what you are capable of being.

About The Trainer: Yim Choong Chow

  • 40 years corporate experience in Asia & Europe
  • Last position: Managing Director of International Shipping Co in Singapore with annual turnover of US$500 milion
  • Training, facilitating, coaching & consulting since 2001
Professional Qualifications
  • Certified Performance Coach
  • Official Approved Partner of Humanostics / The Predictive Index
  • ACE of Sales
  • HRDF Approved Trainer
  • Consultant – Singapore National Productivity Board
  • Author of seven (7) books