The High Performance Manager

Duration: 2 days

Program Outline

Let's face it - most managers are promoted from their functional performance. For example, a good salesman promoted to the position of sales manager. Most managers have not been equipped with the proper training on how to manage. They are left to learn by experience - which is fine, except that it can be time consuming and possibly costly.

The High Performance Manager is a two-day intensive & interactive workshop which equips executives and fast rising managers with the most essential attitudes, competencies and skills to enable them to lead and manage effectively.

Practical models, useful tools and work related ideas will help the participants apply and implement the material straight away in the workplace.

In short, participants will leave the workshop with a set of workable strategies and methodologies to transform their mindset and competencies and start confidently and resolutely on a path towards becoming a true leader-manager.

If you want to excel as a high performance manager, you must learn to manage with passion and lead with compassion. This workshop will help you do that.


After attending this program, you will be able to...

  • Describe key challenges they face & adopt the appropriate mindset & strategy for change.
  • Understand the 5 key roles of a leader-manager and implement specific strategies in order to effectively live these roles.
  • List the 7 Ms of Management and articulate how the seven Ms can impact and transform performance.
  • Understand and apply seven key attitudes, competencies and skills to achieve personal success as well as success with others.
  • Comprehend the importance of positive relationships and apply do-able strategies to build and nurture bankable relationships in a way that will unleash enthusiasm, energy and commitment.
  • Focus on what matters most in the function and proactively contribute to the success of the company
  • Start a process of transformation towards becoming a highly effective leader-manager – i.e. compassionately lead people and effectively manage things
  • Model what successful managers do and begin to achieve success with greater certainty

Workshop Contents

Session 1: Real Managers – Real Challenges

In this icebreaker, participants will analyze, share & review key challenges in the environment. The session sets the stage for a change in mindset – a prerequisite for success towards becoming a High-Performance Manager.

Session 2 : One Head – Many Hats

Dissect the 5 most important roles every leader-manager must play. In-depth discussions will help participants internalize and live the roles of a Change Agent, Ombudsman, Role Model, Team Builder, and People Developer.

Session 3 : Transforming Resources Into Results

A leader-manager delivers! No 'ifs' - no 'buts'. He does so by leveraging on the 7Ms of Management. This segment will help participants understand the importance of Mission and the how-to's of maximizing the outputs from Manpower, Money, Market, Methods, Material and Machine to transform these resources into results.

Session 4 : The Tao Of A Leader-Manager

What separates a high performance executive from a 'so-so' manager is in the way he 'THINK – FEEL – DO'. This segment will install seven key attitudes, competencies and skills to enable the participants to Take Charge, Focus, Prioritize, Build Trust, Think WIN-WIN, Ask & Listen, and Learn to Unlearn & Relearn.

Session 5 : Nurturing Bankable Relationships

In business as in life, everything rises and falls with relationships. This segment will equip the participants with workable strategies to build rapport and trust to improve the working relationships with stakeholders such as bosses, peers, subordinates, customers and suppliers in a way that will unleash enthusiasm, energy and commitment.

Session 6 : What Matters Most

"If you do what you've always done, you will get what you have always gotten". This segment provides the participants with an opportunity to self reflect and formulate a personal agenda for change, i.e. to develop a road-map to implement the most important lessons from the workshop.

General Information

  • Accelerated adult learning
  • Total immersion
  • Inside Out approach
  • Competency based
  • Models that work in real life
  • Video learning
  • Fun

Highly interactive and participants will be actively engaged with discussions, activities, group work, skill drills & role plays.


We use competency based learning models and deploy a myriad of accelerated adult learning methods in our delivery including:

  • Group discussions
  • Skill-drills
  • Internalization exercises
  • Experiential games
  • Video Role Plays
  • Case studies drawn from the learners business context
  • Team-based application projects

We enable the participants to be totally immersed in the program and learn from the inside-out.

By the end of the intervention, the participants would be willing, able and ready for a change in thinking, feeling and actions.

About The Trainer: Yim Choong Chow

  • 40 years corporate experience in Asia & Europe
  • Last position: Managing Director of International Shipping Co in Singapore with annual turnover of US$500 milion
  • Training, facilitating, coaching & consulting since 2001
Professional Qualifications
  • Certified Performance Coach
  • Official Approved Partner of Humanostics / The Predictive Index
  • ACE of Sales
  • HRDF Approved Trainer
  • Consultant – Singapore National Productivity Board
  • Author of seven (7) books